Estate Antiques & Art Auction Monday December 9th,,2019

Estate Box Lots Session @ 4PM!


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Preview Sunday 12/08/2019 12pm to 3pm and on Monday 12pm til sale time. 

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Live On-Site Auction


Monday, December 09, 2019 at 6:00 PM EST


Monday, December 09, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST

Location 26 Recreation Park Rd., Pine Bush, NY 12566



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26 Recreation Park Rd. 
Pine Bush, NY 12566
Estate Antiques & Fine Art Auction!
Monday December 9th, 2019
Sale Time @ 6PM!
Estate Box Lots Session @ 4PM
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Auctioneer’s Note: An exceptional sale to include Fine Art from Upper East Side residence, Continuation of Monticello, NY Time Capsule, Session II Chester and Westchester cty estates including Fine Art, Jewelry, Silver, Military, Coins, Furniture,Country Primitives and more. Over 500+ Lots To Be Sold. 
Highlights of Sale to include: Sigmund Menkes oil on canvas, Robert Brackman, Robert Philipp, Raphael Soyer, Arbit Blatas, Grace Hartigan, Lee Gatch and more. 13 Star Medallion American Flag, late 19th c. Advertising, Tiffany Studios table lamp, French center hall clock, Two (2) 18th c. period Jacobean carved shelves, Over 50 lots of estate jewelry, clothing, accessories, Military, Civil war era letters from Manton Marble family, ephemera, silver, antique tools, vintage Christmas and so much More

Lot 1: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1885 O and 1904 O

Lot 2: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1885 and 1896

Lot 3: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1884 O and 1887

Lot 4: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1883 O and 1887

Lot 5: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1883 O and 1884 O

Lot 6: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1900 O and 1921

Lot 7: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1881 S and 1889

Lot 8: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1883 O and 1884 O

Lot 9: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1885 and 1896

Lot 10: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars
Two (2) U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars. 1886 and 1887

Lot 11: 1 (One) 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollar PF70 Ultra Cameo NGC
2009 P Lincoln S$1 Bicentennial PF70 Ultra Cameo NGC Graded. Silver dollar.

Lot 12: 1 (One) 2002 Eagle Silver Dollar First Strikes MS 69
2002 Eagle Silver Dollar First Strikes MS 69. NGC Graded

Lot 13: 1 (One) 1991 Eagle Silver Dollar First Strikes MS 69
1991 Eagle silver dollar First Strikes MS 69. NGC Graded.

Lot 14: 1 (One) 1997 Eagle Silver Dollar First Strikes MS 69
1997 Eagle silver dollar First Strikes MS 69. NGC Graded

Lot 15: 1 (One) 2005 Eagle Silver Dollar First Strikes MS 69
2005 Eagle silver dollar First Strikes MS 69. NGC Graded

Lot 16: 1 (One) 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollar Bicentennial MS70 NGC
2009 P Lincoln S$1 Bicentennial MS70 NGC Graded. Silver dollar.

Lot 17: 1 (One) 2007 John Adams $1 Coin Mint Error
2007-P Mint Error $1 Brilliant Uncirculated John Adams. Double Edge Lettering-Inverted. “Professional Coin Grading Service”

Lot 18: 1 (One) 2007 John Adams $1 Coin Mint Error
2007-P Mint Error $1 Brilliant Uncirculated John Adams. Double Edge Lettering-Overlapped. “Professional Coin Grading Service”

Lot 19: 1 (One) 2002 West Point Silver Dollar PF 70 Ultra Cameo
2002 W West Point Silver Dollar. PF 70 Ultra Cameo NGC graded.

Lot 20: 1 (One) Late 19th C. U.S. American Flag 13 Star Medallion
A rare Thirteen (13) star medallion centennial flag. Late 19th or early 20th century. Marked Standard 2 1/2 X 4. Flag has what appears to be original wood pole it has been mounted to. Found within attic rafter of Victorian home in Orange County New York. Some moth damage noted. Overall good. Please see photograph preview or call. Dimensions: 2 1/2 ft X 4ft

Lot 21: 1 (One) WWII US AAF B-3 Flight Crew Sheepskin Pants And Jacket
WWII US Air force B-3 Flight crew sheep skin lined leather jacket and pants with suspenders. Size 44.

Lot 22: 1 (One) Colt 45 Mexican Tooled Leather Holster Belt
A fine Colt 45 Mexican made hand tooled leather holster belt.

Lot 23: 1 (One) WWI Doughboy Helmet
WWI Doughboy helmet.

Lot 24: 1 (One) WWII German Hitler Youth Belt And Buckle
A WWII German Hitler youth belt and buckle.

Lot 25: 1 (One) 19th c. Fancy German Hunting Short Sword
A 19th century fancy German hunting short sword with stag handle and applied brass/bronze acorns. Dimensions: 19 1/2″ length

Lot 26: 1 (One) Antique Gun Powder Flasks, Horn Lot
A group of Four (4) (4) antique gun powder flasks and horn. Dimensions: 11 1/2″ tallest.

Lot 27: 1 (One) Three Piece Knife Lot
Three (3) piece knife lot. Kiffe, Solingen Germany, Cattaraugus 2250 and unmarked. hunting knife with sheath.

Lot 28: 1 (One) English WWI Remington 1913 Bayonet
English WWI Remington 1913 Bayonet. Dimensions: 21 1/2″

Lot 29: 1 (One) HMS Coventry 4ft Ship Model WWII
The HMS Coventry model damaged and scuttled September 1942. This model was done probably prior to damage or shortly after. British ship commissioned February 21, 1918. Dimensions: 4ft L X 17″h X 10″d

Lot 30: 1 (One) Thirty-Nine Letters By Civil War Era Postmaster General
A collection of thirty-Nine (9) letters written by Montgomery Blair, U.S. Postmaster General under President Lincoln March 5, 1861- September 24,1864. Letters written between 1865-1878 to Manton Marble (1834-1917) Owner and Editor Of The New York World. Each letter not read in its entirety. Letters are mainly in the subject of Democratic politics, elections, Civil War including battle at Bull Run. These letters are for the first time being offered. Letters were stored away in a travelling desk belonging to Manton Marble. Lot 31 will include the desk of Manton Marble along with his personal letters. Each letter is signed M. Blair or Montgomery Blair. Provenance: Estate of Ida Ogilvie, Friend of Delia West Marble (Daughter of Manton Marble). By Descent.

Lot 31: 1 (One) Letters of New York World Editor Manton Marble 1860-1917
A collection of personal letters belonging to Manton Marble (1834-1917). Manton Marble was owner and editor of The New York World during the Civil War. In 1864 Mr. Marble was charged with fraud for publishing communications from President Lincoln that turned out to be forged. Lincoln arrested Marble and placed the World under military guard. Marble, and the World, was allowed to resume publication Three (3) days later. In 1872, the World vigorously opposed Horace Greeley’s presidential campaign. The collection of letters include letters written mostly during the years of the Civil War to his mother and separate letters written to his father. All letters not read in their entirety however it is concluded most letters have basis of his work and politics. An English travelling desk included. Provenance: Provenance: Estate of Ida Ogilvie, Friend of Delia West Marble (Daughter of Manton Marble). By Descent.

Lot 32: 1 (One) Manton Marble Letters to Samuel Tilden
A collection of letters from Samuel Tilden from Mr. Manton Marble. August 1879- August 15th , 1883 Provenance: Estate of Ida Ogilvie, Friend of Delia West Marble (Daughter of Manton Marble). By Descent.

Lot 33: 1 (One) 10k Gold 1950’s Class Ring
Class of 1959 Orange County Community College Ring. 10k yellow gold with blue sapphire stone. Size 9 Total weight: 11.2 grams

Lot 34: 1 (One) 2008 P Bald Eagle Silver Dollar MS 70
2008 P Bald Eagle S $1. MS 70. NGC Graded.

Lot 35: 1 (One) 1866 Seated Liberty Dime MS 64 NGC
1866 S Seated Liberty Half Dime H10C , MS-64 graded Numismatic Guaranty Corporation Of America (NGC)

Lot 36: 1 (One) Two (2) U.S. Eagle Silver Dollars 2006
Two (2) U.S. Eagle silver dollars 2006.

Lot 37: 1 (One) 1989,90,91,92 Silver Eagles Dollars in Presentation Box
Four (4) U.S Silver Eagle dollars in eggplant purple colored presentation boxes. Includes dust box, case and certificate with each coin. 1989,1990,1991 and 1992.

Lot 38: 1 (One) U.S. Uncirculated Proof Sets
U.S. uncirculated proof set lot including 1983, 1990, 1992,1993 and 1994.

Lot 39: 1 (One) Victorian Bull Dog Collar
An unusual antique late Victorian bull dog collar with spikes. Collar has brass name plate that is not engraved. Dimensions: 21″ length 2″ Thickness

Lot 40: 1 (One) Tiffany Studios Acorn 1435 Lamp Shade
A Tiffany Studios Acorn 1435 green table lamp shade set on a incorrect base by Bradley & Hubbard. Shade marked Tiffany Studios 1435. Dimensions: Shade measures 6 1/2″h and 16″ diameter. Provenance: Found in upstate New York lake house where it was it was called home since 1920’s.

Lot 41: 1 (One) Cartier Sterling Silver Shopping Bag
A Cartier sterling silver shopping bag. Signed and hand made by Cartier Dimensions: 4″ X 2″ X 3 1/4″ Total weight: 3 avg. oz.

Lot 42: 1 (One) Victorian French Bull Dog Pull Toy
A Victorian era French bull dog pull toy. Probably made in Germany late 19th or early 20th century. Dimensions: 9 1/2″ X 9″ X 4″

Lot 43: 1 (One) Three (3) Folk Art Early 20th c. Black Rag Dolls
A collection of Three (3) early 20th century black rag dolls. Dimensions: 17 1/2″ Tallest

Lot 44: 1 (One) Italian Pinocchio Polychrome Painted Wood Puppet
An early Pinocchio polychrome painted wood puppet doll. Dimensions:35″h X 9″w

Lot 45: 1 (One) 29″ 1907 Steiff Teddy Braun 70 Replica
Scarce 29″ Steiff Teddy 1907 Replica

Lot 46: 1 (One) 18th c. British Jacobean Two Drawer Tiered Shelf
A British Jacobean Two (2) drawer tiered shelving unit. 18th century oak construction with extensive carved facade and and pillars. This piece was accompanied with similar shelving unit and has been stored away in a garage in upstate New York since the 1960’s. Dimensions: 47″ X 47″ X 18″

Lot 47: 1 (One) 18th c. English Jacobean Carved Shelving Unit
A British Jacobean One (1) drawer tiered shelving unit. 18th century oak construction with extensive carved facade and and pillars. This piece was accompanied with similar shelving unit and has been stored away in a garage in upstate New York since the 1960’s. Dimensions: 47″ X 47″ X 17 1/2″

Lot 48: 1 (One) 19th c. Country Pine Dry Sink
A 19th century American country pine dry sink. Dimensions: 34″ X 43″ X 18 1/2″

Lot 49: 1 (One) Victorian Eastlake Marble Top Washstand w/ Back Splash
A fancy Victorian marble top washstand with back splash and mirror. Towel bar along right side. Walnut hardwood. Dimensions: 58″ X 42″ X 18″

Lot 50: 1 (One) Germany, 19th c. Music Box Bull Mastiff Dog
An unusual German music box. 19th century Germany. A Bull Mastiff dog laying in dog house. Hinged roof top opens up to a lined compartment with partial manicuring tools. Key wind music box mechanism housed at bottom. Dimensions: 8″ X 12″ X 9″

Lot 51: 1 (One) 1900’s Erie Railroad No Trespassing Sign
Early 1900’s “Erie Railroad Property No Trespassing” thick wood sign. Dimensions: 13″ X 32″

Lot 52: 1 (One) 1960’s Batt. Op Donny The Smiling Bulldog Toy
1961 Frankonia Made in Japan. “Donny” The Smiling Bull Dog with box. Dimensions: 9 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ Boxed

Lot 53: 1 (One) German Windup Tin Toy Elephant “Rumba”
German windup tin toy circus elephant “Rumba” Signed Ges. Gesch Made In Germany. Dimensions: 4 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ X 2″

Lot 54: 1 (One) Three (3) Vintage Steiff Small Animals
Three (3) vintage Steiff animals. Small dollhouse size. Including Leo the Lion, Tabby the Cat and Rabbit. Dimensions: 4″ X 6″ lion, 4 1/2″ X 3″ rabbit, 3″ X 5″ tabby cat.

Lot 55: 1 (One) WWII Rifle boys Ammo Clips Magazines…
Two (2) WWII MK-1 50 cal. Rifle Boys Boxes with ammo clips/magazines and brass gun cleaning rods. Scarce.

Lot 56: 1 (One) Six (6) Part U.S. WWII Grenade Pouch
Six (6) part U.S. WWII Grenade pouch with drilled grenades.

Lot 57: 1 (One) French Doucet Doll Carriage Buggy
Scarce French Doucet doll carriage buggy. Made in France. Mid 20th century. Dimensions: 11″ X 9″ X 6″

Lot 58: 1 (One) 19th c. Red Painted Child’s Step Back Cupboard
A unusual child’s step back cupboard with original red paint. 19th century, Victorian period. Blocks not included. Dimensions:39″ X 34 1/2″ X 11 1/2″

Lot 59: 1 (One) 19th Century Rocking Horse Toy
A 19th century rocking horse toy mounted on iron and red painted wood base. Iron button eyes, real horse hair tail and mane. Very good. Dimensions: 29″ X 33″ X 13″

Lot 60: 1 (One) Sigmund Menkes (1896-1986)
Sigmund Menkes (1896-1986) Still life vase full of flowers within Interior Oil on canvas Signed lower right and reverse and dated 1957 Dimensions: 25 1/2″ X 17 1/2″ and 35″ X 27″ framed Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 61: 1 (One) Raphael Soyer (Russian,1899-1987) Full Bodied Nude
Raphael Soyer (Russian,1899-1987) Full Bodied Nude Female Pencil and watercolor on paper Dimensions: 17 1/2″ X 13″ and 24″ X 19″ framed Provenance: Property of Ms. Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 62: 1 (One) Robert Philipp (American, 1895-1981)
Robert Philipp (American, 1895-1981) Portrait of Young Lady Oil on canvas Signed upper right Dimensions: 8 3/4″ X 7 1/2″ and 16″ X 15 1/2″

Lot 63: 1 (One) Robert Brackman, Still Life Study
Robert Brackman (American, CT 1898-1980) Still Life Study In Gray Light no.111 Oil on canvas Signed lower right and verso. Dimensions: 9″ X 11″ and 15″ X 19 1/2″ Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 64: 1 (One) Raphael Soyer
Raphael Soyer (Russian/American ,1899-1997) Lady Seated At Kitchen Table Watercolor on paper Signed lower right Dimensions: 12″ X 9″ and 21 1/2″ X 18 1/2″ framed

Lot 65: 1 (One) Babadjian (French,20th c.) Still Life Oil
J. Babadjian (French,20th century) Still Life Oil Study With Flowers, Grapes And Oranges. Oil on board Signed lower right and label reverse. Dimensions: 6 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ and 13 1/2″ X 16″ Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 66: 1 (One) Mid Century Black Wrought Iron Shelf Unit
A Mid Century period black wrought iron shelving unite with Four (4) frosted glass shelves. Dimensions: 80″h X 20 1/2″w X 11 1/2″d

Lot 67: 1 (One) 19th Century Russian Painted Table
A 19th century Russian polychrome red and black painted low table with Four (4) legs and finial centerpiece. Dimensions: 18″ X 21 1/2″ X 16 1/4″

Lot 68: 1 (One) Italian Burlwood Diminutive Secretary Desk
A fine quality burlwood veneered diminutive size secretary desk made in Italy for Bloomingdales. Mid 20th century. The desk has a Italian Baroque design with green and white paper lined drawers. Original key which locks desk and top cabinet. Dimensions: 72″h X 23″w X 14 1/2″d

Lot 69: 1 (One) Heavily Carved German Baroque Cabinet 19th C.
A 19th century heavily carved German Baroque style walnut cabinet. Dimensions: 53″ X 58 1/2″ X 25″

Lot 70: 1 (One) Joseph Hirsch, Oil Painting, The Arrival
Joseph Hirsch (American, 1910-1981) The Arrival no. 5 Man embracing partner at the door. Oil on board Signed lower right Joseph Hirsch and ACA label reverse. Dimensions: 23 1/2″ X 19 1/2″ and 33″ X 29″ framed Provenance: Property of Ms. Betty Unger Upper East Side, NY. ACA Gallery 63 East 57th st. New York

Lot 71: 1 (One) Lee Gatch (American,1902-1968) Harness Racing
Lee Gatch (American,1902-1968) Titled: Harness Racing Oil on board Signed lower right. Dated reverse 1957 with Grace Borgenicht Gallery label. Dimensions: 7″ X 28 1/2″ and 9″ X 33″ framed Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York. Grace Borgenicht Gallery 1018 Madison Ave. New York, NY 1957

Lot 72: 1 (One) Grace Hartigan, 1960 Signed Lithograph
Grace Hartigan The Hero Leaves His Ship III Lithograph on paper. Pencil signed lower right and dated 1960. Numbered 6 in an edition of 28. Dimensions” 15 3/4″ X 19 1/2″ and 25 1/2″ X 29″ framed Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 73: 1 (One) Arbit Blatas (Lithuanian, 1908-1999) Oil on Canvas
Arbit Blatas (Lithuanian, 1908-1999) Seine River, Paris Oil on canvas Signed A. Blatas lower left Dimensions: 23 1/2″ X 31″ and 30″ X 38″ framed Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 74: 1 (One) James Coignard, Inscribed Exhibition Poster
James Coignard, Washington International Art Fair, September 10-14, 1981. Alex Rosenberg Gallery, Transworld Art. Inscribed to Betty 9/12/1981 with added drawing. Dimensions: 31″ X 21 1/4″ Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 75: 1 (One) James Coignard (French,1928-2008)
James Coignard (French, 1928-2008) Pencil signed collage etching. Numbered 8 in an edition of 25. Dimensions: 33 1/4″ X 26″ overall including frame. Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 76: 1 (One) Paolo Boni (Italian b.1926) Transworld Art
Paolo Boni (Italian b.1926) Signed Collage etching for Transworld Art Washington May 3-8. Pencil signed lower right and numbered 47 in an edition of 200. Dimensions: 30 1/2″ X 23″ Provenance: Property of Betty Unger, Upper East Side, New York.

Lot 77: 1 (One) Guido Peter Brink 77′ Bronze Sculpture
Artist: Guido Peter Brink (American,1913-2002) Tribal form sculpture mounted on marble base. Bronze and marble. Dimensions: 12″ X 5 1/2″ X 4″

Lot 78: 1 (One) Modern Design Green Credenza
A modernist design seafoam green color formica credenza Dimensions: 32 1/2″ X 54″ X 16 1/2″

Lot 79: 1 (One) Modern Design Green Two Part Bookcases
A modernist design seafoam green color formica bookcases. Two stacking pieces. Dimensions: 15″ X 14″ X 66″ Each piece

Lot 80: 1 (One) Vintage Commercial Store Front Letters
A lot fo 19 commercial store front letters E, S, U, R, C, and P. As seen in photograph preview. 15″ Heights

Lot 81: 1 (One) Modern Design Pink Coral Formica Writing Desk
A modern design pink coral formica writing desk. Dimensions: 30″h X 60 1/4″ X 19″d

Lot 82: 1 (One) John Spaulding ( American,1942-2004) Jazz Art Sculpture
John Spaulding (American, 1942-2004) Untitled: “Jazz” Wall Art Collage Sculpture. A fused collection of saxophone parts made into a wall art display. Created 1982 Signed John Spaulding and dated. Dimensions: 19 1/2″ X 25″

Lot 83: 1 (One) 1970’s Chrome Tufted Lounge Chairs
A pair of 1970’s chrome tufted lounge chairs. Dimensions: 35″ X 21″ X 27″

Lot 84: 1 (One) Ancient Provincial Roman Basalt Male Head
An ancient Provincial Roman basalt stone head of young male with strong physical features. Probably 2nd century A.D. Dimensions: 9 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ X 6″ and 14″ X 5″ overall with base. Provenance: Ms. Betty Unger, East Side Manhattan, New York

Lot 85: 1 (One) After Antoine-Louis Bayre Bronze Ostrich Bird Sculpture
After Antoine-Louis Bayre Bronze mounted on salmon marble base. Ostrich bird Late 19th or early 20th century production. Signed Bayre Dimensions: 9 1/2″ X 6″ X 3″

Lot 86: 1 (One) Two African Shona Art Sculptures
Two (2) African Shona art sculptures. Dimensions: 7 1/2″h X 9 3/4″h

Lot 87: 1 (One) Patrick Dupre (French, b.1945) “Infinity” Foil Art
Patrick Dupre (French, b.1945) Titled: Infinity, Modernist design foiled silver infinity loop housed in a clear frame. Dimensions: 29″ x 26 1/2″ Medium: Embossed screen print. Matted and framed Signed: And numbered 144/185 at lower center

Lot 88: 1 (One) Lillian M. Tussey (Bulgarian/American d.2005) Mermaid
Lily M. Tussey (Bulgarian/American d.2005)) Titled: Mermaid Material:Marble Dimensions: 14 1/2″ X 8″ X 7″ Provenance: Estate of Wassil Tussusov, New York, New York Husband of Lilly.

Lot 89: 1 (One) Benjamin Levy (Israeli,American) Surrealist Oil
Benjamin Levy (Israeli, American) Untitled: Partial nude female portrait Surrealist style. Signed lower left and dated 1974. Oil on canvas Dimensions: 25 1/2″ X 21 1/2″ and 31″ X 26 1/2″ framed

Lot 90: 1 (One) Emile Hebert Monumental French Bronze Ormolu Clock
Emile Pierre Hebert (French, 1828-1893) Silvered bronze figural sculpture mounted on top of a double side clock with bronze ormolu and red marble. Please note large monumental size. Dimensions: 28 1/2″ X 30 1/2″ X 17″

Lot 91: 1 (One) Louis XVI Style Mahogany Dressing Armoire
A Louis XVI style mahogany dressing armoire with beveled glass mirror front and bronze ormolu decoration set on top of single deep drawer. Separates for moving into Three (3) sections. Dimensions: 86″ X 52″ X 23″

Lot 92: 1 (One) Six (6) Vintage Sterling Silver Thimbles
Six (6) vintage sterling silver enamel thimbles.

Lot 93: 1 (One) Table Top Decorative Objects Lot
A compiled grouping of decorative table top items including Limoges thimble holder, dragon brush washer, Roman head, letter receiver, pen, silver box etc. As seen in photograph preview.

Lot 94: 1 (One) Paolo Balbi (Italian 20th Century) Mountain Landscape
Paolo Balbi (Italian, 20th century) Snow capped mountain landscape. Oil on canvas Signed lower right. Housed in a Provincial style carved hardwood frame. Dimensions: 24″ X 36″ and 32″ X 42″ framed

Lot 95: 1 (One) Mortimer Borne (American, 1904-1987) Parrots In Jungle
Mortimer Borne (American, 1904-1987) Parrots in jungle landscape Oil on canvas Created 1982 and signed Dimensions: 33″ X 43″ framed

Lot 96: 1 (One) Style Of Charles Sheeler 1947
A painting in the style of Charles Sheeler. Building Abstraction Mixed media on paper Dimensions: 26″ X 34″ and 29″ X 37″ Framed Signed Sheeler 1947 lower right Letter from Galerie Koller Zurich dated 1968 to Dr. Peter Wolkonsky Dr. Peter Wolkonsky Collection stamp. Acquired from New York City Estate 2010.

Lot 97: 1 (One) Charles Salerno, Palomino Sculpture
Artist: Charles Salerno (American, 20th century) Titled: Palomino Horse Stone sculpture. Dimensions: 15″ X 6″

Lot 98: 1 (One) Persian Wool Carpet
Persian wool carpet. Mid 20th century. Dimensions: 8.6ft X 3.8ft

Lot 99: 1 (One) Three New York 19th c. Picking Baskets
Three (3) New York 19th century picking baskets. Dimensions: 16″ X 12″ , 12″ X 9 1/2″ and 13″ X 12″

Lot 100: 1 (One) G. Benton & L. Stewart Hartford CT Crock
G. Benton and L. Stewart Hartford, Connecticut 1 gal crock. 1815-1820 Dimensions: 10 1/2″ X 7″

Lot 101: 1 (One) Geneva Mercer (American) High Relief Plaque, Pied Piper
Geneva Mercer (American, 1889-1984) Untitled: The Pied Piper And Children High Relief Plaster Plaque Signed in plaque 1910 Geneva Mercer and G.M. copyright 1911. Dimensions: 13 1/2″ X 27 1/2″ overall Provenance: Estate of John Bocchieri, Brooklyn, NY Inv. 156

Lot 102: 1 (One) Circle Of Pieter Neefs, The Younger
Circle of Pieter Neefs, the younger, Flemish, 1620-1675 Figures in cathedral Oil on canvas Dimensions: 13″ X 20″ housed in a hardwood frame with label. Provenance: Estate of Lynn P. Rashbaum, Riverdale NY by descent. Family owned since 1940’s.

Lot 103: 1 (One) Otto Edward Gaertner (German/American 1845-1909)
Otto Edward Gaertner (German/American 1845-1909) Still life painting Oil on canvas Stamped reverse Otto Gaetner 1909 Dimensions: 23 1/2″ X 33 1/2″ and 27 1/2″ X 37 1/2″ framed Signed Otto Gaetner lower right Dimensions: 4 1/4″ X 10″ and 10″ X 15 1/2″ framed. Provenance: Collection of the late Kaycee Benton, Cragsmoor, NY

Lot 104: 1 (One) Vintage 50’s Japanese Fan Print Dress
A Vintage 1950’s Japanese fan print dress with prominent wide and deep pockets. Satin lined. Unsigned. Size: Small-Medium

Lot 105: 1 (One) Vintage Black Muskrat or Seal Coat
A vintage mid length black muskrat coat with joined scarf. Size M.

Lot 106: 1 (One) 1970’s Don Luis De Espana Goddess Evening Dress
1970’s Don Luis De Espana goddess style evening dress. Size 14

Lot 107: 1 (One) 1960’s Vintage Turtle Neck Dress
1960s’ vintage turtle neck dress. Unsigned. Size M

Lot 108: 1 (One) Estate Lot Vintage Smoking Pipes
Estate lot of vintage smoking pipes as seen in photograph preview.

Lot 109: 1 (One) Large Brutalist Design Sterling Silver Pin
A large brutalist design sterling silver pin with stones. Signed reverse illegibly and 925. Dimensions: 4″ X 2 1/2″

Lot 110: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Art Nouveau Amethyst Ring
A 14k yellow gold Art Nouveau ring with amethyst stone and seed pearls. Inscribed and dated 1918. Size 7 Total weight: 5.6 grams

Lot 111: 1 (One) 14k Mens Figaro Link Bracelet
14k yellow gold Figaro link bracelet. Dimensions: 7″ length. Total weight: 9.26 dwt

Lot 112: 1 (One) 14k Mens Italian Rope Chain Necklace
14k Mens Italian rope chain necklace. Dimensions: 20″ length. Total weight: 12.56 dwt

Lot 113: 1 (One) 14k Estate Gold Gemstone Ring
14k estate gold gemstone ring with large round pale blue yellow gemstone. Size 4 t.w.: 3.62 dwt

Lot 114: 1 (One) 14k Estate Amethyst Ring
14k yellow gold ring with large amethyst stone. Size 8 t.w.: 4.68dwt

Lot 115: 1 (One) 14k Art Deco Style Sapphire And Diamond Ring
14k yellow gold Art Deco style sapphire and diamond ring. Size 6.5 t.w.: 2.16dwt

Lot 116: 1 (One) 14k Yellow Gold Jade Ring
14k yellow gold ring with oval set light green jade stone. Size 8 t.w.: 2.1dwt

Lot 117: 1 (One) 14k Opal And Diamond Ring
A 14k yellow gold opal and diamond ring. Size 7.5 t.w.: 1.2dwt

Lot 118: 1 (One) 10k Estate Multi-Gemstone Ring
A 10k estate muti-gemstone ring with emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond stones. Size 8 t.w.: 2.0 dwt

Lot 119: 1 (One) 10k Ruby Gemstone Ring
A 10k yellow gold ring with ruby baguette gemstones. Size 8 t.w.: 2.9 dwt

Lot 120: 1 (One) 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Gemstone Ring
A 14k yellow gold ring with Seven (7) rubies in the form of a flower. Size 5 t.w.: 2.0 dwt

Lot 121: 1 (One) 14k Yellow & White Gold Estate Diamond Band
A 14k yellow and white gold fancy wide diamond band. Size 8 t.w.: 4.1 dwt

Lot 122: 1 (One) 14k Irish Claddah Ring
A 14k yellow gold Irish Claddah ring . Size: 7.5 t.w.: 3.1 dwt

Lot 123: 1 (One) Vintage 1960’s Diamond Cocktail Ring
A vintage 1960’s elegant ring with Six (6) (6) brilliant diamond stones. Size 3 t.w.: 3.6 dwt

Lot 124: 1 (One) 14k Diamond And Sapphire Ring
A nice 14k yellow gold diamond and blue sapphire ring. Size 7.5 total weight: 3.6 dwt

Lot 125: 1 (One) Vintage Retro Diamond And Ruby Ring
A 14k yellow gold vintage Retro style diamond and ruby ring. Size 7 Total weight: 2.0 dwt

Lot 126: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Ruby & Diamond Ring
A 14k yellow gold ruby ring with side diamond stones. Size 8 Total weight: 2.6 dwt

Lot 127: 1 (One) 14k Peridot Ring
14k yellow gold peridot gemstone ring. Size: 7 Total weight: 1.0 dwt

Lot 128: 1 (One) Antique 14K Gold Cameo Broach
An antique 14k gold cameo broach with diamond. Dimensions: 1 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ Total weight: 7.4 dwt

Lot 129: 1 (One) 10k Gold Cameo Broach
10k yellow gold vintage cameo broach pin. Dimensions: 1 1/2″ X 1 1/4″ Total weight: 4.4 dwt

Lot 130: 1 (One) Antique 14k Gold White Filigree Cameo Broach
An antique 14k white gold filigree cameo broach or pendant. Dimensions: 1 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ Total weight: 8.3 dwt

Lot 131: 1 (One) Mens 14k White Gold And Diamond Cufflinks by Braccio
A fine pair of Braccio mens 14k white gold cufflinks with diamonds. Dimensions: 1 /2″ X 3 /4″ front Total weight: 14.25 dwt, diamond weight .5 carat.

Lot 132: 1 (One) 14k White Gold Blue and White Diamond Ring
A fine 14k white gold ring with blue and white diamonds. Size 7 Total weight: 2.95 dwt

Lot 133: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Vintage Bulova Accutron Watch
A 14k yellow gold mens vintage Bulova Accutron watch with date. New crystal and band. Dimensions: 1 1/4″ face

Lot 134: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Vintage Bulova Accutron Watch
A 14k yellow gold mens vintage Bulova Accutron watch with date. New crystal and band. Dimensions: 1 1/4″ face

Lot 135: 1 (One) Movado 14k White Gold & Diamond Lady’s Wristwatch
A Movado womens wrist watch. All 14k white gold with inset diamonds around face. Watch band is marked 585 Spain. Face marked 14k. Authentic Movado. Dimensions: 3/4″ face and 6″ band length. Total weight: 23.46 dwt

Lot 136: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Multi Gemstone Bracelet
A 14k yellow gold multi colored gemstone bracelet in heart shapes. Dimensions: 7 1/4″ length. Total weight: 4.4 dwt

Lot 137: 1 (One) 10k Yellow Gold Peridot Bracelet
10k yellow gold peridot gemstone bracelet. Dimensions: 7 1/2″ length Total weight: 3.2 dwt

Lot 138: 1 (One) 14k Yellow Gold Iolite Bracelet
14k yellow gold Iolite gemstone bracelet. Dimensions: 7 3/4″ length Total weight: 6.2 dwt

Lot 139: 1 (One) 14k w.g. Tanzanite Hugger Hoop Earrings
A pair of 14k white gold hugger hoop earrings with tanzanite stones. Total weight: 3.1 dwt

Lot 140: 1 (One) 14k Blue And White Diamonds “Buckle” Ring
14k White Gold Blue And White Diamonds “Buckle” Ring. Size: 8 Total weight: 2.1 dwt

Lot 141: 1 (One) 14k White Gold Diamond Band
A 14k white gold brilliant diamond band. Size 8 Total weight: 2.2 dwt

Lot 142: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Infinity Loop Diamond Ring
A large size 14k yellow gold infinity loop diamond ring. 66 diamonds total. Size 8 Total weight: 3.9 dwt

Lot 143: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Birthstone Ring
A 14k yellow gold gemstone ring with multi gemstones including garnet, amethyst, topaz, peridot and citron. Size 8.5. Total weight: 2.3 dwt

Lot 144: 1 (One) 14k Gold Star Of David Diamond Pendant
A fine 14k yellow gold Star Of David pendant with diamonds. Dimensions: 1″ X 1 1/2″ Total weight: 3.3 dwt

Lot 145: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Cameo Broach Pendant
A 14k gold cameo broach pendant. Dimensions: 1 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ Total weight: 8.2 dwt

Lot 146: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Navaho Earrings
Vintage gemstone Navaho sterling silver earrings. Signed TK sterling. Dimensions: 3 1/2″ X 1″

Lot 147: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Flask
An early 20th century sterling silver flask. Dimensions: 5 1/4″ X 2 3/4″ Total weight: 4.3 avg. oz.

Lot 148: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Tables Wares
A compiled lot of sterling silver table wares. As seen in photograph preview. Total weight: 5.6 average ounces

Lot 149: 1 (One) Antique Gutta Percha Bangle Bracelet
An antique Victorian era Gutta Percha w/ 18 gold inlay. Dimensions: 2 1/2″d and 1 1/2″ interior.

Lot 150: 1 (One) Three (3) Hat Display Stands
Three (3) hat display stands

Lot 151: 1 (One) Vintage Silver Agate Pin
A vintage sterling silver agate pin. Dimensions: 1 1/2″ X 2 1/2″

Lot 152: 1 (One) Vintage Eveready Daylo Flashlight Display Case
A vintage Eveready Daylo flashlight advertising display case. Dimensions: 12″ X 21″ X 13″

Lot 153: 1 (One) Vintage ADK Miniature Dollhouse Table and Chairs
A vintage miniature Adirondack style doll house table and chairs. Dimensions: 13″ X 8 1/4″ X 9″ and 6″ X 8 3/4″d (table)

Lot 154: 1 (One) Vintage Roy Rogers Western Toy Guitar
A vintage Roy Rogers western guitar, by Jefferson musical toys. Original box included. Dimensions: 29″ X 11″ X 3″

Lot 155: 1 (One) Twenty-Five Stock Certificates
A grouping of various stock certificates ranging from 1950’s to 1970’s including gas, oil, airlines, industrial, mining etc. Twenty-Five Pieces Total.

Lot 156: 1 (One) Thirty-Five Stock Certificates
A grouping of various stock certificates ranging from 1950’s to 1970’s including gas, oil, airlines, industrial, mining etc. Thirty-Five Pieces Total.

Lot 157: 1 (One) Sixty Stock Certificates
A grouping of various stock certificates ranging from 1950’s to 1970’s including gas, oil,silver, boating,industrial, mining etc. Sixty (60) Pieces Total

Lot 158: 1 (One) Architecture Of The French Renaissance
Ward, W.H. The Architectures of The Renaissance in France 1495-1830 h.c. Two (2) volumes. Stated second edition revised to first edition 1911, 1926 revised and enlarged. London B.T. Batsford, Ltd., 94 Hih Holborn Extensive exterior and interior architectures identified illustrations.

Lot 159: 1 (One) American Plains Indian Beaded Gourd Rattle
An American Plains Indian beaded rattle with gourd head. Dimensions: 15″ X 2 1/2″

Lot 160: 1 (One) Black Americana Mesh Evening Bag
An unusual Black Americana beaded evening bag with Two (2) black females. Double sided. Dimensions: 8″ X 5″ bag. 5″ chain

Lot 161: 1 (One) Carved Art Deco Bakelite Beaded Purse
A carved bakelite beaded purse. Art Deco period. Dimensions: 14 1/2″ X 9″ including handle drop.

Lot 162: 1 (One) Two Victorian Beaded Bags
Two Victorian beaded bags with highly ornate silver plated frames. Dimensions: 20″ X 7 1/2″ and 15″ X 6″ includes handle drop.

Lot 163: 1 (One) WWI Doughboy Helmet w/ Liner
A WWI Doughboy helmet with liner. Marked ZC25 Dimensions:m 5″ X 12″ X 11 1/2″

Lot 164: 1 (One) Pre- WWI M1912 Pistol Belt, 45 Cal Holster etc..
A M1912 Mills Web pistol belt with canteen, first aid pouch and 45 cal holster. Dimensions: 10 1/2″ X 5″ and 38″ belt

Lot 165: 1 (One) Three (3) M1 Carbine Carrying Cases
Three (3) WWII M1 carbine carrying cases. U.S. stamped canvas and leather. Dimensions: 42″ length

Lot 166: 1 (One) 1950 Cubist Oil Painting “Ernst” Paris
Artist: Signed Ernst Titled “Paris 1950″ Accordion street musician w/ boy. Oil on canvas Dimensions: 24″ X 20”

Lot 167: 1 (One) 13 Piece Cubist Style Art
Thirteen pieces of Cubist style artwork. c.1960’s-1970’s. Various sizes.

Lot 168: 1 (One) Moroccan Cloth
An early 1900’s hand stitched Moroccan cloth with nice wrought iron display rods of the period. Signed on reverse. Dimensions: 44″ X 51 2/2″ overall with rods.

Lot 169: 1 (One) Inner City Life Rooftops Watercolor Painting

Lot 170: 1 (One) Vintage Triangle Collars Haberdashery Store Display
A vintage “Triangle Collars” haberdashery counter top store display. Dimensions: 11″ X 32″ X 1 1/2″

Lot 171: 1 (One) Mid Century Japanese Landscape Oil Painting
A mid-century Japanese landscape painting with flowing waterfalls. c.1950-1960. Illegibly signed K.Yoshi and signed in Japanese. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 32 1/2″ X 40″ and 40″ X 46 1/2″ framed

Lot 172: 1 (One) Japanese Peacock Wall Art
A vintage 1970’s Japanese wall art of a peacock. Three dimensional design made with coral, amethyst, turquoise, jade and cats eye stones. Dimensions: 32″ X 42″

Lot 173: 1 (One) Isaac Soyer (American,1902-1981)
Isaac Soyer (American, 1902-1981) A dressed and then nude female figure. Graphite pencil on paper. Dimensions: 18″ X 23 1/2″ and 21″ X 27 1/2″ framed Provenance: Property of Ms. Betty Unger, New York Reece Galleries, New York.

Lot 174: 1 (One) Lilian Borgenichi, Reflection
A sculpture by Lilian Borgenichi Titled Reflection Dimensions: 4″ X 6 3/4″

Lot 175: 1 (One) Mike Kutchner, Quantum III Artist Proof
Mike Kutchner (American) Titled: Quantum III A/P pencil signed by artist and inscribed ” Best Wishes To Betty” lower right. Dimensions: 29 1/2″ X 25″ framed

Lot 176: 1 (One) Lucy Fitzgerald 1960’s Watercolor Sailboat Painting
Lucy Fitzgerald (20th century) Titled: “Regatta” 1960’s era sail boats in water probably Long Island. Executed 1965 Watercolor on paper Signed Lucy Fitzgerald and dated 65 at lower right 18 by 24 inches Matted and framed

Lot 177: 1 (One) Chinese or Vietnamese Watercolor Painting
A Chinese girl Illegibly signed late 20th century. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left. Dimensions: 25″ X 16 3/4″ and 24″ X 33″ Housed in a fine black lacquered and gold gilt custom frame.

Lot 178: 1 (One) 19th c. Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet
A 19th century primitive pine wood medicine cabinet. Wall mount. Dimensions: 36″ X 22″ X 8″

Lot 179: 1 (One) Ice Cream Parlor Set
An antique Child size miniature ice cream parlor set. Table with wrought iron and wood table and Three (3) chairs. Dimensions: 20″ X 19 1/2″d and 22″ X 12″ X 11″ chairs

Lot 180: 1 (One) 19th Century Thatched Roof Oil Painting
Early 19th century. English school . Thatched roof house with farm wife feeding chickens. Oil on canvas Dimensions: 15 1/2″ X 18 1/4″

Lot 181: 1 (One) A Head Study Sculpture of Little Girl
A head study sculpture of little girl. Probably 1930’s. Dimensions: 13″ X 4″ X 4″

Lot 182: 1 (One) 1880’s French Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting
Artist: Illegibly Signed lower right (Unknown) Titled: Place Vendome, Paris 82′ Oil on canvas board Dimensions: 10 3/4″ X 13″ Please note later label over original title says 82′ but in signature it looks to be written 75′ Provenance: Estate of John Bocchieri, Brooklyn, NY

Lot 183: 1 (One) George Francis Train
George Frances Train (March 24, 1829 – January 5, 1904 Independent candidate during the election of 1872 vs. Grant. An inspirational hand written and signed passive aggressive note, post campaign of 1872 and dated May 27th, 1873. A small 1872 presidential campaign albumen photo is affixed to paper. Workingmen! Pay no … Start the battle and grind your …! The only the thing to save the nation is immediate reparation Wake Up People Death To Kings! Down with churches Smash the Rings! Signed Geo Francis Train “The Cunning Dictator” Dimensions: 10″ X 7″ overall framed.

Lot 184: 1 (One) Louis Haghe Germany & Belgium
A rare first edition folio of engravings titled Louis Haghes Sketches of Belgium and Germany. c.1840 h.c. gold gilt pages. 26 black and white and color tinted engravings. Dimensions: 21″ X 14 1/2″

Lot 185: 1 (One) Sir Anthony Van Dyck “Vandyk As Paris”
Sir Anthony Van Dyck “Van Dyk As Paris” Engraving Dimensions: 13 1/2″ X 12″ overall framed

Lot 186: 1 (One) Pennsylvania Wrought Iron Floor Mat
An Pennsylvania wrought iron heart shaped floor mat rug. Early 1900’s. Dimensions: 30 1/2″ X 18 1/2″

Lot 187: 1 (One) Miniature French Style Child’s Doll Vanity
An early 1900’s miniature child’s doll vanity dresser. French style with hand painted florals. Dimensions: 15 1/2″ X 12″ X 6″

Lot 188: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Frog Ring
14k yellow gold ring in the shape of a frog. Size 9 Total weight: 5 grams

Lot 189: 1 (One) 14k Gold Charm Bracelet
14k yellow gold charm bracelet with Five (5) charms, all being 14k. Total weight: 16.8 grams

Lot 190: 1 (One) Vintage Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Bird Broach
A Tiffany & co. Makers sterling silver bird brooch in the style of Georg Jensen. Original green felt bag included. 1st half 20th century. Dimensions: 1″ X 1 1/2″

Lot 191: 1 (One) Vintage Rhinestone Sweater Clips
A pair of vintage Chinese rhinestone sweater clips.

Lot 192: 1 (One) Vintage Chinese Rhinestone Sweater Clips
A pair of vintage costume Chinese people sweater clips. Some rhinestones missing. Marked Pat. Pending. Dimensions: 2″ X 3 /4″

Lot 193: 1 (One) Assorted Costume Jewelry Tray Lot
Assorted costume jewelry tray lot as seen in photograph preview.

Lot 194: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Cross Bracelet
14k yellow gold cross bracelet. Dimensions: 7″ length Total weight: 2.8 grams

Lot 195: 1 (One) Scarce Pair Of Enameled Peach Blow Vases
A pair of unusual peach blow vases with blue enameled beetles and flowers. Dimensions: 6″ X 4″

Lot 196: 1 (One) Hutschenreuther Selb German Porcelain Figurine
A Hutschenreuther Selb German porcelain lady figurine. Art Deco Period. Signed at base. US Zone Germany. Dimensions: 10 1/4″ X 5 1/2″

Lot 197: 1 (One) Victorian Vaseline Glass Eperge
A Victorian art glass flower epergne. Two vaseline and pink glass inserts into silver plated stand. Dimensions: 7 1/4″ X 7 1/2″

Lot 198: 1 (One) Romanesque Style Bronze Candlesticks
A pair of highly ornate Romanesque bronze column candlesticks. Late 19th century. Dimensions: 7 1/2″ X 3″

Lot 199: 1 (One) Two (2) Kewpie Halloween Bisque Shakers
Two porcelain bisque Kewpie doll shaker figurines with face painted Halloween pumpkins. Dimensions: 3″ X 2 1/4″

Lot 200: 1 (One) Two (2) Piece Scandinavian Art Pottery Lot
Two (2) Scandinavian art pottery vases. Gustavsberg “Argenta” with sterling silver overlay and Haganas. Dimensions: 7″ X 2 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″

Lot 201: 1 (One) 1980’s Studio Art Glass
Two (2) 1980’s era studio art glass vases. Signed illegibly. Dimensions: 7″ and 10″ heights

Lot 202: 1 (One) Six 19th c. French Albumen Prints
Six (6) different 19th century French Albumen photograph prints housed in Six (6) matching birds eye maple frames to the period. Dimensions: 15 1/2″ X 17 1/2″

Lot 203: 1 (One) 4 Gal. Cobalt Blue Decorated Crock
A large 4 gallon stoneware crock with cobalt blue tulip decoration. Dimensions: 17 X 14″

Lot 204: 1 (One) 19th c. Architectural Iron
A collection of architectural iron. New York City 19th century. Main section marked J.W. Fisk.

Lot 205: 1 (One) Two 19th c. Germany Art Portfolios
Two large folio art portfolios, engravings. Germany 19th century. Kunstlerheim Festeschenk Fur Freunde Der Kunst Munchen 1883 25 Plates. Meifterwerfe der Holzfchneiderfunft Leipzig by J.J. Weber

Lot 250: 1 (One) Misc. Group Lot, Flasks, Sterling Silver

Lot 251: 1 (One) Flatware Lot

Lot 252: 1 (One) Red/White Quilt

Lot 253: 1 (One) Antique Patchwork Quilt

Lot 254: 1 (One) Red/White Quilt

Lot 255: 1 (One) Misc. lot w.antique ice skates

Lot 256: 1 (One) A Persian Hunt Scene On Camel Bone, Framed

Lot 257: 1 (One) Rembrandt Style Engraving

Lot 258: 1 (One) Star Spangled Banner Silk Ribbon

Lot 259: 1 (One) Waterford Stemware 36 Pieces

Lot 260: 1 (One) ABCG Pitcher with Tumblers

Lot 261: 1 (One) Blue Willow Dinner Service

Lot 262: 1 (One) ABCG W/ 10 Tumblers

Lot 263: 1 (One) Assorted Clear Glass Stemware, Three Baccarat Snuffers

Lot 264: 1 (One) Curious Lot with various small objects, tools, advertising etc.

Lot 265: 1 (One) Jewelry Lot

Lot 266: 1 (One) Victorian Soft Goods, Linens

Lot 267: 1 (One) Rosenthal Hajek Charger

Lot 268: 1 (One) Two Piece Geods

Lot 301: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Tray Lot

Lot 302: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Tray Lot

Lot 303: 1 (One) Vintage Wallets, Accessories, Mesh Purse, Compacts, Pen Ink Bottles Lot

Lot 304: 1 (One) Vintage Coca Cola Clock and Tray

Lot 305: 1 (One) Meat Cleavers, Butcher Lot

Lot 306: 1 (One) Prism Lot

Lot 307: 1 (One) Glass Lot

Lot 308: 1 (One) Vintage Costume Jewelry Tray Lot

Lot 309: 1 (One) Vintage Costume Jewelry Tray Lot

Lot 310: 1 (One) Accessory lot, compacts, mesh bag etc.

Lot 311: 1 (One) Victor Phonograph w/ Records

Lot 312: 1 (One) Hollywood Regency Shadow Box Mirror

Lot 313: 1 (One) O/C Sunset Ocean View Painting

Lot 314: 1 (One) Kerosene Heater

Lot 315: 1 (One) Vintage purses Lot

Lot 316: 1 (One) Fireplace Surround

Lot 317: 1 (One) Old Green Wooden Tool Chest w/ Contents

Lot 318: 1 (One) Old Pine Tool Box w/ Contents

Lot 319: 1 (One) Tool Box w/ Contents

Lot 320: 1 (One) Ingersol Patron’s Paint Works Wood Crate

Lot 322: 1 (One) Art Book Lots, Picasso

Lot 323: 1 (One) Vintage Play Boy Magazines

Lot 324: 1 (One) Records Lot

Lot 325: 1 (One) Art Book Lot

Lot 326: 1 (One) Vintage Play Bills Lot

Lot 327: 1 (One) Curious Lot w/ Vintage Toys

Lot 328: 1 (One) Curious Lot w/ Baseballs, Misc.

Lot 329: 1 (One) Curious Lot, Barware, Santa etc.

Lot 330: 1 (One) Two antique saws

Lot 331: 1 (One) Compiled Grouping of Wood Canes w/ Sword

Lot 332: 1 (One) M65 Style Vietnam Field Jacket XL

Lot 333: 1 (One) Decorative Wall Mirror

Lot 334: 1 (One) Persian Area Rug

Lot 335: 1 (One) Fish Papier Mache Candy Holders

Lot 336: 1 (One) Stage Coach Toy

Lot 337: 1 (One) Sterling Choker Necklace

Lot 338: 1 (One) 14k Heart Pendant Necklace

Lot 339: 1 (One) Four (4) Piece Sterling Marcasite Jewelry

Lot 340: 1 (One) Three (3) Piece Santas

Lot 341: 1 (One) Vintage Creche Figure Set

Lot 342: 1 (One) Vintage Christmas Decorations Lot

Lot 343: 1 (One) Vintage Christmas Decorations Lot

Lot 344: 1 (One) Vintage Creche Set

Lot 345: 1 (One) Large Vintage Creche Set

Lot 346: 1 (One) Small Maple Stand

Lot 347: 1 (One) 45 Records Lot

Lot 348: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 349: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 350: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 351: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 352: 1 (One) 19th c. Child’s Doll Cradle

Lot 353: 1 (One) Old Toy Marbles Lot

Lot 354: 1 (One) 10pc. Collage Of Etchings Framed

Lot 355: 1 (One) 3pc. Mid Century Art Glass Group

Lot 356: 1 (One) Italian Ceramic Fish Pitcher

Lot 357: 1 (One) 2 Pairs Binoculars, German Shoe Horn, WW1 German knife misc. U.S. Pouch

Lot 358: 1 (One) Four (4) Assorted Bayonets, Daggers, Cap, Belt

Lot 359: 1 (One) U.S. M4 Case Knife

Lot 361: 1 (One) Minton Vanessa Porcelain Dinner Service

Lot 362: 1 (One) Tall Victorian Cranberry Vase

Lot 363: 1 (One) History Of The United States Vol. 1

Lot 364: 1 (One) Four Piece Books, Atlas, Dictionary

Lot 365: 1 (One) Knife box w/ Silverplated flatwares, small doll

Lot 366: 1 (One) Johnson’s Vintage Baby Cream Jars, Tissue Box

Lot 367: 1 (One) Jewish Related Seder Books

Lot 368: 1 (One) 10pc. Book Lot 19th c. As Is. Dante

Lot 369: 1 (One) Stone Fountain

Lot 370: 1 (One) Collection of Souvenir Spoons

Lot 371: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot with Cufflinks, Necklace

Lot 372: 1 (One) Silver Jewelry Lot

Lot 373: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot with Watches and Bracelets

Lot 374: 1 (One) Collection of Porcelain Thimbles

Lot 400: 1 (One) The Cash Box, MGM Record Ephemera Lot

Lot 401: 1 (One) Ephemera Lot with Gaiety Music Shop, Newburgh, New Windsor

Lot 402: 1 (One) Daily News, Colliers,Paper Lot

Lot 404: 1 (One) Bottle Lot with Salad Dressing and Millville

Lot 405: 1 (One) Bottle Lot with Veggie Compound

Lot 406: 1 (One) Bottle Lot Pirates, Medicine

Lot 407: 1 (One) Bottle Lot with Dairy and Medicine

Lot 409: 1 (One) Bottle Lot with Crock

Lot 410: 1 (One) Porcelain Lot

Lot 411: 1 (One) Stamp Collection

Lot 412: 1 (One) Ephemera Lot with German Letters

Lot 413: 1 (One) Bottle with Local Cities

Lot 414: 1 (One) Military Lot with “If I’m not at roll call”

Lot 415: 1 (One) Brass/Copper Lot

Lot 416: 1 (One) Small Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 417: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 418: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot with Square

Lot 419: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pots

Lot 420: 1 (One) Graduating Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 421: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot with Corn Pans

Lot 422: 1 (One) Lenox Lot

Lot 423: 1 (One) Glass Bowl with Glass Fruit

Lot 424: 1 (One) Milk Glass Lot

Lot 425: 1 (One) Pyrex Bowls Lot

Lot 426: 1 (One) Double Side “No Parking ” Sign

Lot 427: 1 (One) Tea Pot Lot

Lot 428: 1 (One) Milk Glass Lot

Lot 429: 1 (One) Art Nouveau Lot

Lot 430: 1 (One) Perfumes, Pickle Jar Lot

Lot 431: 1 (One) Console Lamp, Oil Lamp Lot

Lot 432: 1 (One) Beaumont Pottery Lot

Lot 433: 1 (One) Two Tall Milk Glass Vases

Lot 434: 1 (One) Iron Horse Hook Up

Lot 435: 1 (One) Tiffany, Hermes, LV Gift Boxes

Lot 436: 1 (One) Razors, Eyeglass Lot

Lot 438: 1 (One) Jane Avil Glass Lot

Lot 440: 1 (One) Royal Carlden Tea Cups/Saucers

Lot 441: 1 (One) Curious Lot with Hand Painted Tray

Lot 442: 1 (One) Murano Glass Lot

Lot 443: 1 (One) Maisto Collectible Car Lot

Lot 444: 1 (One) Road Signature Collectible Car Lot

Lot 445: 1 (One) Tonka Crane

Lot 446: 1 (One) Vintage Tonka Excavator

Lot 447: 1 (One) Vintage Tonka Pick Up Truck

Lot 448: 1 (One) Uhaul Truck and Trailer

Lot 449: 1 (One) Curious Lot

Lot 450: 1 (One) Lamp Lot

Lot 451: 1 (One) Horn and Trumpet Lot

Lot 452: 1 (One) Bar Ware Lot

Lot 454: 1 (One) Bottle Lot with Cream Oil, Baking Power

Lot 455: 1 (One) Ephemera Lot

Lot 456: 1 (One) Bottle Lot

Lot 457: 1 (One) Butler Stand

Lot 458: 1 (One) Oriental Wall Plaque

Lot 459: 1 (One) Oriental Shadow Box

Lot 461: 1 (One) Advertising Lot

Lot 463: 1 (One) Brass Pail with Ladles

Lot 464: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 465: 1 (One) Skeleton Key Lot

Lot 467: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 468: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot

Lot 469: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 470: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pan Lot

Lot 471: 1 (One) Marilyn Monroe Picture

Lot 472: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pots with Muffin Pan

Lot 473: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pot with Lids

Lot 474: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pots Lot

Lot 475: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot

Lot 476: 1 (One) Hardware Lot

Lot 477: 1 (One) Large Christmas Tree

Lot 478: 1 (One) XLarge Christmas Tree

Lot 479: 1 (One) Small Christmas Tree

Lot 481: 1 (One) Copper Pot Lot

Lot 482: 1 (One) Modern statuary Lot

Lot 483: 1 (One) Victorian Silver Plated Teaset

Lot 484: 1 (One) Medicine bottles lot

Lot 485: 1 (One) Silver plated wares, Ice Bucket, Pitcher, Trays

Lot 486: 1 (One) Wood planes, tool lot

Lot 487: 1 (One) Elvis Memorabilia Lot

Lot 488: 1 (One) Wooden crate with contents

Lot 489: 1 (One) Collection of Early 1900’s Lamp Bases

Lot 490: 1 (One) Oil lamp lot

Lot 491: 1 (One) Old Bottles lot, Born & co.

Lot 492: 1 (One) Box lot w/ Newburgh related, Tree lite

Lot 493: 1 (One) Vintage toy lot, Tiddley Winks, Skee Ball Etc.

Lot 494: 1 (One) Wood carved animal lot, African

Lot 495: 1 (One) Pipe Threader

Lot 496: 1 (One) Socket Set

Lot 497: 1 (One) Basket lot

Lot 498: 1 (One) Two (2) Scale Lot

Lot 499: 1 (One) Atomic Arcade game lot

Lot 500: 1 (One) Budweiser Shades

Lot 501: 1 (One) Hurricane Shade Lot

Lot 502: 1 (One) Glassware, Porcelain Vases Lot

Lot 503: 1 (One) Vintage Toy Lot

Lot 504: 1 (One) Glass Group Lot

Lot 505: 1 (One) Collector Glasses Lot

Lot 506: 1 (One) Character Collector Glasses Lot

Lot 507: 1 (One) Doll Lot

Lot 508: 1 (One) Porcelain Figurines Lot

Lot 509: 1 (One) Bar Light, Clocks etc.

Lot 510: 1 (One) Cuckoo Clock

Lot 511: 1 (One) Vintage Toy Lot

Lot 512: 1 (One) Multi Color Shade Lot

Lot 513: 1 (One) Salt & Pepper Lot

Lot 514: 1 (One) Salt & Pepper Lot

Lot 515: 1 (One) Samovar

Lot 516: 1 (One) Misc. Box Bottles, Camp Coffee etc.

Lot 517: 1 (One) Box Lot Bottles, Old Bush Mills

Lot 518: 1 (One) Box Lot Bottles

Lot 519: 1 (One) Box Lot Bottles, Liebmanns etc.

Lot 520: 1 (One) Metal Pails Lot

Lot 521: 1 (One) Metal Pot Lot

Lot 522: 1 (One) Lamp Lot

Lot 523: 1 (One) Pots with Glass Lids

Lot 524: 1 (One) 5 pcs Cast Iron Lot

Lot 525: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot 7 pcs

Lot 527: 1 (One) Crock Lot with Jugs

Lot 528: 1 (One) Milk Glass Lot

Lot 529: 1 (One) Copper Lot

Lot 530: 1 (One) Post Card Lot

Lot 531: 1 (One) Depression Glass Lot

Lot 532: 1 (One) Modern Lamp Lot

Lot 533: 1 (One) Cup/Saucer Lot

Lot 534: 1 (One) Enamel Pots/Pans Lot

Lot 535: 1 (One) Metalware Lot with Irons

Lot 536: 1 (One) Cast Iron Dutch Lot

Lot 537: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot

Lot 538: 1 (One) Cast Iron Lot

Lot 539: 1 (One) Crock/Jug Dispenser Lot

Lot 540: 1 (One) Dairy Lea Crate with Soda Bottles

Lot 541: 1 (One) Nesting Floor Baskets

Lot 542: 1 (One) American Flyer Train Lot

Lot 543: 1 (One) Pyrex Bowl Lot

Lot 544: 1 (One) Hand Tool Lot

Lot 545: 1 (One) Tool Lot

Lot 546: 1 (One) Tool Lot

Lot 547: 1 (One) Tool Lot

Lot 548: 1 (One) Hand Tool Lot

Lot 549: 1 (One) Vintage Kitchen Lot

Lot 550: 1 (One) Yellowware Lot

Lot 551: 1 (One) Tool Lot

Lot 552: 1 (One) Copper Basin

Lot 553: 1 (One) Bread Box

Lot 554: 1 (One) Advertising Lot

Lot 555: 1 (One) Carnival Glass Pitcher with Glass Lot

Lot 556: 1 (One) Color Glass Lot, Bird Bowls

Lot 557: 1 (One) Splatter ware Pottery Lot

Lot 558: 1 (One) Enamel ware Lot

Lot 559: 1 (One) Trufruit, Coca Cola Jugs Lot

Lot 560: 1 (One) Crock Lot

Lot 561: 1 (One) Rolling Pin Lot

Lot 562: 1 (One) Two Piece Copper Boiler Pots

Lot 563: 1 (One) Old Irons Lot

Lot 564: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pots

Lot 565: 1 (One) Traveling Bar Dispenser Lot

Lot 566: 1 (One) Cast Iron Pot

Lot 567: 1 (One) Green Tool Box with Contents

Lot 568: 1 (One) Advertising Tin Lot

Lot 569: 1 (One) Tool Lot

Lot 570: 1 (One) Advertising Lot

Lot 571: 1 (One) Vintage Toaster Lot

Lot 572: 1 (One) Stein/Mug Lot

Lot 573: 1 (One) Lantern Lot

Lot 574: 1 (One) Metalware Lot

Lot 575: 1 (One) Musical Sheet Lot

Lot 576: 1 (One) Musical Sheet Lot

Lot 577: 1 (One) Porcelain Lot

Lot 578: 1 (One) Vintage Kitchen Lot

Lot 579: 1 (One) Kitchen Lot

Lot 581: 1 (One) Letters and Postcard Lot

Lot 582: 1 (One) Enameled Pots/Lids Lot

Lot 583: 1 (One) Kee Krawler Tractor Hose

Lot 584: 1 (One) Primitive Wood Wagon

Lot 585: 1 (One) Copper Basin

Lot 586: 1 (One) Brass Large Pail

Lot 588: 1 (One) Noise Maker Lot

Lot 589: 1 (One) Syracuse Espresso Service

Lot 590: 1 (One) Vanity Set in Case

Lot 591: 1 (One) Stoneware Pitcher and Bowl Lot

Lot 593: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Assorted Flatware Lot

Lot 594: 1 (One) Curious Lot with Traps

Lot 595: 1 (One) Oneida Flatware in Case 2 pcs

Lot 596: 1 (One) Sewing Box, Wood Carved Box, Sampler

Lot 597: 1 (One) Blue/White Oriental Dish Lot

Lot 598: 1 (One) Bibilar Coin Lot

Lot 599: 1 (One) Single Chair

Lot 600: 1 (One) Painted Tool Chest with Tools

Lot 601: 1 (One) 4 pcs American Coin Set

Lot 602: 1 (One) Abstract Oil Painting Framed

Lot 603: 1 (One) Richard D Tuccillo Horse Sign

Lot 604: 1 (One) Cashmere Sweater Lot

Lot 605: 1 (One) 2pcs Woolrich Red/Black Pant Lot

Lot 606: 1 (One) Framed Abstract Painting

Lot 607: 1 (One) WWI Machine Gun Rounds

Lot 608: 1 (One) WWII Machine Gun Rounds

Lot 609: 1 (One) Blue/White Dish Set

Lot 610: 1 (One) Soft Goods Lot with Tapestry, Scarves

Lot 611: 1 (One) Glass Lot with Vases and Pitchers

Lot 612: 1 (One) Glass Lot with Baccarat

Lot 613: 1 (One) Assorted Figures,metalware Lot

Lot 614: 1 (One) Glass Jar Lot

Lot 615: 1 (One) Porcelain Lot with Tea Pots and Vases

Lot 616: 1 (One) Collection of Horns Lot

Lot 617: 1 (One) Assorted Stone Collection

Lot 618: 1 (One) Jadeite Base Table Lamp

Lot 619: 1 (One) Vintage Black/White Photo Lot

Lot 620: 1 (One) Porcelain Lot with Mugs

Lot 621: 1 (One) Japanese Blue/White Tea Cups.Plates

Lot 622: 1 (One) Silver Plate Spoons,S/P, Sugar Lot

Lot 623: 1 (One) Stain Glass Fire Place Screen

Lot 624: 1 (One) Stamp Collection

Lot 625: 1 (One) Collection of Stones

Lot 626: 1 (One) Stone Collection Stones

Lot 627: 1 (One) Butterfly Tray

Lot 628: 1 (One) Clock Lot

Lot 629: 1 (One) Lamp Lot

Lot 630: 1 (One) Deco Vase Lot

Lot 631: 1 (One) Carriage Lamp

Lot 632: 1 (One) Soldier on Horse Statue

Lot 633: 1 (One) Bird Cage

Lot 634: 1 (One) Woman Statue Tussis

Lot 635: 1 (One) Haegar Pottery Fountain

Lot 636: 1 (One) Christmas Lot

Lot 637: 1 (One) Gallo Style Vase lot 3pc

Lot 639: 1 (One) Porcelain, Miniature Boxes,Perfumes,Chinese Trays Lot

Lot 640: 1 (One) Curious Lot with Deco and Misc Porcelain

Lot 641: 1 (One) Miniature Porcelain Boxes,Art Glass Lot

Lot 642: 1 (One) Vintage 80’s Denim Skirts/Vest Aprrox.30 pcs

Lot 643: 1 (One) Vintage Clothing including Corsets

Lot 644: 1 (One) Candlestick Pillar

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