Estate Jewelry & Clothing Auction!

Thursday February 8th, 2018 @ 6PM!


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Brief Description

Auctioneer’s Note: Valentine’s Estate Jewelry & Clothing Auction to include Estate gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, costumes jewelry, handbags, vitnage and designer clothing and more! Over 300+ lots to be sold!

Auction Schedule

Live On-Site Auction


Thursday, February 08, 2018 at 6:00 PM EST


Thursday, February 08, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST

Location 26 Recreation Park Rd., Pine Bush, NY 12566



Flannery’s Estate Services

26 Recreation Park Rd. 
Pine Bush, NY 12566
Estate Jewelry & Clothing Auction!
Thursday February 8th, 2018
Sale Time: 6pm
Preview: 3pm until sale time.
Live Auction!
No Online Bidding!!
Absentee & Telephone Bidding Available If You Cannot Make It!!
Call: 845-744-2233
Auctioneer’s Note: Selling multiple estates including jewelry, clothing and accessories. A fun night out with with Over 300+ lots to be sold. Due to Wednesday storm partial catalog uploaded now. Sale to include 18k heart charm bracelet,14k necklaces, estate gold jewelry lots, 14k amethyst gemstone pendant, Gemstone bracelets, modern design, Indian silver, Tribal, Earrings, Mexican sterling SIGI choker, Chinese 14k gold jade bracelets, Tiffany silver jewelry, Indian squash blossom, Several 14k gemstone rings incl. amethyst, sapphires, diamonds, rubies etc. Sterling silver jewelry lots, vintage costume jewelry, newer fashion jewelry lots, Vintage and designer clothing silk rose print 50’s dress, 30’s burnt orange/grey flow dress w/belt, 30’s black lace dress, Ranch mink mid length coat, several fur coats, Handbags incl. Diane Von Ferstonberg, Cole Haan, Gucci, Dooney & Bourke, Coah, Michael Kors, Accessories, Shoes, Frye Boots, Vintage Banana Republic safari hat, Victorian lawn dresses and much more! Partial catalog below, please check back Wednesday PM for final catalog.  

Lot 1: 1 (One) Amethyst & Peridot Sterling Silver Ring And Bracelet 
A fine sterling silver bracelet and ring with amethyst and peridot gemstones. Bracelet length: 7 3/4″ Ring size: 7

Lot 2: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Multi-Gemstone Bracelet 
A sterling silver multi-gemstone bracelet with lapis, turquoise, cats eye stones etc. Dimensions:8″ length

Lot 3: 1 (One) Charles Albert Kyanite Silver Earrings 
A Charles Albert kyanite sterling silver earrings. Dimensions:2 1/2″ drop

Lot 4: 1 (One) Navaho Indian Turquoise Silver Ear rings 
Navaho Indian turquoise earrings. Marked sterling JJF Dimensions: 3″ X 1 1/2″

Lot 5: 1 (One) Mexican Sterling Silver Turquoise Bracelet 
A Mexican sterling silver turquoise bracelet Signed 925 Mexico Dimensions: 7″ length.

Lot 6: 1 (One) Turquoise Sterling Silver Marcasite Ring 
A sterling silver marcasite ring with turquoise stone. Size 8

Lot 7: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Pearl Pin 
A 14k yellow gold pin with Twelve (12) (12) freshwater pearls. Dimensions: 1 1/4″ t.w. <2 grams

Lot 8: 1 (One) Mens 14k y.g. Wedding Band 
A mens 14k yellow gold wedding band. Signed Bauer Size 10 t.w.: 8.4 grams

Lot 9: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Pierced With Enamel Earrings 
14k y.g. pierced earrings with green enamel. Dimensions: 2″ drop t.w. <2 grams

Lot 10: 1 (One) 14k y.g Amethyst Ring 
A 14k yellow gold ring with Three (3) amethyst stones separated wth Four (4) (4) diamond points. Size: 6.5

Lot 11: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Emerald Cut Amethyst Ring 
A 14k y.g. emerald cut amethyst ring with Two (2) (2) side diamond points. Size: 8

Lot 12: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Amethyst And Diamond Ring 
A 14k yellow gold ring with large amethyst with Four (4) (4) diamond points. Size: 9

Lot 13: 1 (One) 14k y.g Diamond Cocktail Ring 
A 14k yellow gold diamond cocktail ring with seventeen (17) diamond points. Size: 9

Lot 14: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Turkish Braided Gold And Diamond Band 
A 14k yellow gold braided design band with inset diamond point. Marked 14k Turkey. Size: 9

Lot 15: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Amethyst Pendant 
A 14k yellow gold pendant with amethyst and Six (6) (6) diamond points. Dimensions: 1″ X 1/2″

Lot 16: 1 (One) 14k Gold Waltham Wrist Watch 
A 14k yellow gold wristwatch by Waltham. Band and housing is 14k gold. t.w: 140 grams

Lot 17: 1 (One) 14k y.g Ruby and Diamond Ring 
A 14k yellow gold ruby and diamond ring. Size: 9

Lot 18: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Ruby And Diamond Ring 
A 14k y.g. ruby and diamond ring. Size: 6

Lot 19: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Initial Ring 
A 14k yellow gold initial ring. Size: 9 t.w.: 5.6 grams

Lot 20: 1 (One) Three (3) Indian Turqouise Rings 
Three (3) vintage Indian turquoise rings. Size 5-6

Lot 21: 1 (One) Three (3) 14k y.g. Gold Bands 
Three (3) 14k y.g gold bands. Size: 5 t.w:.2.8 grams

Lot 22: 1 (One) Four (4) Sterling Silver Necklaces 
Four (4) sterling silver necklaces. t.w.: 2.6 avg. oz.

Lot 23: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Jewelry Lot 
Sterling silver jewelry lot including rings, earrings, pin and pendant. t.w.: 1.5 avg. oz

Lot 24: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Mexican Opal Cuff Bracelet 
A sterling silver Mexican opal cuff bracelet.

Lot 25: 1 (One) 14K y.g. Mens Onyx And Diamond Ring 
A 14k yellow gold mens onyx and diamond ring. size 11 t.w: 8.4 grams

Lot 26: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Diamond Band 
14k yellow gold diamond band. t.w.: 2.8 grams size.: 4

Lot 27: 1 (One) Eight (8) Piece Sterling Silver Rings 
Eight (8) piece sterling silver rings.

Lot 28: 1 (One) Twelve (12) Piece Sterling Silver Rings 
Twelve (12) Piece sterling silver rings

Lot 29: 1 (One) 10K y.g. Diamond And Blue Sapphire Ring 
10k yellow gold diamond and blue sapphire ring. Size 7.5. tw.2 grams

Lot 30: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Aventurine Ring 
A sterling silver ring with aventurine stone.

Lot 31: 1 (One) Vintage Haskell Style Amethyst Glass Earrings 
A pair of Haskell style amehtyst glass earrings.

Lot 32: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Catholic Cross And Necklace 
A 14k yellow gold Catholic cross and rope chain. t.w.: 11.2 grams

Lot 33: 1 (One) Taxco Mexico Sterling Silver Onyx Bracelet 
A Taxco Mexico sterling silver onyx bracelet.

Lot 34: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Bracelet 
A 14k yellow gold bracelet Dimensions: 7 1/4″ t.w.: 3.2 grams

Lot 35: 1 (One) 14k y.g Necklace 
A 14k yellow gold necklace. 21″ length. t.w.: 3 grams

Lot 36: 1 (One) Estate Scrap Gold Jewelry Lot 
Estate scrap gold jewelry lot including broken pieces, chains, earrings etc. t.w.: 1 avg. oz.

Lot 37: 1 (One) 14k y.g Diamond Ring 
A 14k y.g. diamond ring with Six (6) (6) brilliant diamond points. Size 9 t.w. 3 grams

Lot 38: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Marcasite Cat Pin And Earrings

Lot 39: 1 (One) 14k Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Band 
A 14k yellow gold engagement ring with center round diamond and Four (4) (4) side brilliant diamonds. A matching wedding band with Five (5) (5) round brilliant diamonds. Size 6

Lot 40: 1 (One) Three (3) Piece Italian Sterling Chains, Bracelet

Lot 41: 1 (One) Dooney & Bourke City Print Handbag

Lot 42: 1 (One) Frye Brown Leather Womans Boots Sz. 5.5

Lot 43: 1 (One) Vera Bradley Handbag

Lot 44: 1 (One) Vera Bradley Handbag

Lot 45: 1 (One) Vera Bradley Handbag

Lot 46: 1 (One) 14k y.g. turtle pin

Lot 47: 1 (One) 925 Sterling Ring w/ Amethyst Stone

Lot 48: 1 (One) Three (3) Sterling Gemstone Rings 
Three (3) sterling silver rings with cats eye and malachite stones.

Lot 49: 1 (One) Amber Glass Necklace and Natural Amber 925 Ring

Lot 50: 1 (One) Three (3) Sterling Gemstone Rings

Lot 51: 1 (One) Three (3) Piece Costume Elephant Pins

Lot 52: 1 (One) Four (4) Sterling Silver Figural Pins

Lot 53: 1 (One) Gucci Wristwatch

Lot 54: 1 (One) Peter Gabriel Swatch

Lot 55: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Pins, Jewelry Group

Lot 56: 1 (One) Vintage Costume Jewelry, Buttons Lot

Lot 57: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Jewelry Group, Asian Jewelry, Marcasite Etc.

Lot 58: 1 (One) Elgin Pocket watch, Gold filled jewelry lot

Lot 59: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Group, Gold Tone Pins, Portrait

Lot 60: 1 (One) Three (3) Pairs Vintage Mens Bathing Suits

Lot 61: 1 (One) Hermes Silk Scarf

Lot 62: 1 (One) 14k y.g. hoop earrings

Lot 63: 1 (One) Vintage Banana Republic Safari Hat w/Box

Lot 64: 1 (One) Czech Amethyst Glass Necklace

Lot 65: 1 (One) Emporio Armani Black Ladies Hat

Lot 66: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Jewelry Lot

Lot 67: 1 (One) Silver Filigree Pin w/ Green Stone

Lot 68: 1 (One) Three (3) Burberry Silk Ties

Lot 69: 1 (One) Antique Cameo Filigree Parure Set

Lot 70: 1 (One) Lapis, Onyx And Silver Bone Necklace

Lot 71: 1 (One) Gucci Handbag

Lot 72: 1 (One) Diane Von Furstenberg Handbag

Lot 73: 1 (One) Barbara Milano Leather Handbag

Lot 74: 1 (One) Cole Haan Red Leather Handbag

Lot 75: 1 (One) 10k y.g. Blue Topaz Ring

Lot 76: 1 (One) American Indian Vintage Squash Blossom w/ Malachite

Lot 77: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Diamond Earrings

Lot 78: 1 (One) Cameo Pin set in Sterling Silver

Lot 79: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Turquoise Lapis Heart Necklace

Lot 80: 1 (One) Michael Kors Watch

Lot 81: 1 (One) Malachite Stering Indian Bracelet & Earrings

Lot 82: 1 (One) Three (3) Sterling Necklaces and bracelets

Lot 83: 1 (One) 8 pc. Ring Lot

Lot 84: 1 (One) Mop Brass Cuff Bracelet

Lot 85: 1 (One) Shell Turtle , Shell Sterling Pendants w/ Lucite

Lot 86: 1 (One) 6pc. Assorted Costume Necklaces

Lot 87: 1 (One) Cinnabar and Chinese Cloisonne Bracelets

Lot 88: 1 (One) Six (6) Pc. Sterling Silver Ring Lot

Lot 89: 1 (One) 8pc. Fashion Necklace Lot

Lot 90: 1 (One) 12pc. Necklace tone & Metal Fashion Jewelry

Lot 91: 1 (One) 8pc . Large Fashion Necklace Lot

Lot 92: 1 (One) 3pc Luck of The Irish Lot, Sterling Claddah Ring

Lot 93: 1 (One) 10 Vintage pin lot

Lot 94: 1 (One) 10pc. Piece Vintage pin lot

Lot 95: 1 (One) Jewelry Repair Lot

Lot 96: 1 (One) Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot w/ Coro, Trifari Etc.

Lot 97: 1 (One) Tiffany & Co. Stering Circle Pendant & Necklace

Lot 98: 1 (One) Rose Print Vintage Silk Dress

Lot 99: 1 (One) 1930’s Burnt Orange and Grey Dress w/ Belt

Lot 100: 1 (One) Mexican Taxco SIGI Silver Choker Necklace

Lot 101: 1 (One) 14k y.g Rope Chain Necklace 
8.4 grams

Lot 102: 1 (One) 14k Chinese Gemstone Bracelet

Lot 103: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Braided Bracelet 
t.w. 9 grams

Lot 104: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Italy Herringbone Necklace 
t.w: 5.6 grams

Lot 105: 1 (One) 14k y.g Noahs Ark Bracket

Lot 106: 1 (One) Two (2) 14k y.g Pearl Necklaces

Lot 107: 1 (One) Vintage Silver Vermeil Choker And Bracelet

Lot 108: 1 (One) Three (3) Pairs Indian Turquoise Ear rings Group

Lot 109: 1 (One) 18k Italy Yellow Gold Heart Charm Bracelet 
t.w.:11.2 grams

Lot 110: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Amber Jewelry Group

Lot 111: 1 (One) 14k y.g Chinese Jade Bracelet

Lot 112: 1 (One) Gilbert Begay Indian Silver Ring

Lot 113: 1 (One) 14k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

Lot 114: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Necklace

Lot 115: 1 (One) J Crew Cuff Bracelet w/ Pony Hair

Lot 116: 1 (One) Two (2) Piece Suede Bracelets

Lot 117: 1 (One) Two (2) Suede Necklaces, Cuff Bracelet

Lot 118: 1 (One) Indian Silver And Misc. Jewelry Group

Lot 119: 1 (One) Silvertone Jewelry Lot

Lot 120: 1 (One) Vintage Glass, Silver Necklaces

Lot 121: 1 (One) Vintage Costume Pin Lot

Lot 122: 1 (One) Vintage Silver And Enamel Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Lot 123: 1 (One) Cuff And Bangle Bracelet Lot with Sterling

Lot 124: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Jewelry Necklaces And Bracelets Lot

Lot 125: 1 (One) Estate Costume Jewelry Group

Lot 126: 1 (One) Mexican Silver Choker w/ Abalone Pendant

Lot 127: 1 (One) Mexican Taxco Necklace Sterling

Lot 128: 1 (One) Sterling Marcasite Amethyst Ring And Earrings

Lot 129: 1 (One) Seven (7) Sterling Silver Pins

Lot 130: 1 (One) 60’s Goldtone Choker and Lion Pendant Necklace

Lot 131: 1 (One) Costumes Necklaces, Jewelry Group

Lot 132: 1 (One) Chinese Carved Wood Pendant, Jade Silver Bracelet

Lot 133: 1 (One) Goldtone Costume Jewelry Group

Lot 134: 1 (One) Fashion Jewelry Group Lot

Lot 135: 1 (One) NIne (9) Mens Belt Buckles

Lot 136: 1 (One) Sterling Silver Jewelry Group Lot

Lot 137: 1 (One) Costume Rings And Earrings Lot, Sterling Silver

Lot 138: 1 (One) 14k y.g. Double Hoop Earrings

Lot 139: 1 (One) Assorted Gold Jewelry Group

Lot 140: 1 (One) Coach Beige/Black Handbag

Lot 141: 1 (One) Kate Spade Patent Leather Silk Thread Handbag

Lot 142: 1 (One) Dana Buchman Silver Leather handbag

Lot 143: 1 (One) Dooney & Bourke Brown Leather Crossbody

Lot 144: 1 (One) Vera Bradley Blue Paisley Tote Bag

Lot 145: 1 (One) Herbert Schier Red Suede Shoes Sz. 6

Lot 146: 1 (One) Michael Kors Belt

Lot 147: 1 (One) 30’s Black Lace Dress

Lot 148: 1 (One) Eliza J. Size 12 silk dress

Lot 149: 1 (One) Misc. Jewelry Lot, Rings, Bracelets

Lot 150: 1 (One) Three Piece Nouveau Style Necklaces

Lot 151: 1 (One) Malachite and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, Aztec Earrings

Lot 153: 1 (One) Misc. Jewelry lot with watches

Lot 154: 1 (One) Misc. Jewelry Lot

Lot 155: 1 (One) Misc. Jewelry Lot

Lot 200: 1 (One) Lula Roe Clothing Lot

Lot 201: 1 (One) Shoe Lot with Coach, Burberry, Prada

Lot 202: 1 (One) Leather Handbags with Coach

Lot 203: 1 (One) Juicy Couture Clothing Lot

Lot 204: 1 (One) Vintage Purse Lot

Lot 205: 1 (One) Vintage Skirts Lot with Apron

Lot 206: 1 (One) Coach Lot with Wristlet, wallet, Bracelet

Lot 207: 1 (One) Costume Lot with Givenchy

Lot 208: 1 (One) Turquoise Jewelry Lot

Lot 209: 1 (One) Costume Pin,Scarf,Perfume Lot

Lot 210: 1 (One) Tray Lot with Bead Necklaces

Lot 211: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 212: 1 (One) Chunky Costume Bead Lot

Lot 213: 1 (One) Costume Silver/Gold Lot

Lot 214: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot

Lot 215: 1 (One) 2 pc Brown Leather Coach Handbags

Lot 217: 1 (One) Costume Jewelry Lot with Sterling Silver

Lot 218: 1 (One) Ladies Assorted Lot with Watches

Lot 219: 1 (One) Vintage Clothing & Rubber Child Boots

Lot 220: 1 (One) Choice Clothing Rack with Michael Kors,Burberry,Kate Spade, Free People

Lot 221: 1 (One) Prada Chino Pants

Lot 222: 1 (One) Pink Floral Vintage Dress

Lot 223: 1 (One) Guy Laroche’ Paris 2pcs Blouse &Skirt Size 38

Lot 224: 1 (One) Burberry Jacket Size Large

Lot 225: 1 (One) Burberry Shirt Size Medium

Lot 226: 1 (One) Badgley Mischka Red Wrap

Lot 227: 1 (One) Vintage Jumpsuit Franklin Simon, NY

Lot 228: 1 (One) Kate Spade Peacoat Coat with Tags Size Small

Lot 229: 1 (One) Saga Mid Length Mink Coat

Lot 230: 1 (One) Fur Wrap


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Rose Pattern Silk Dress 1930's Vintage Dress
Vintage Blouse, Skirt, Apron
Juicy Couture Gucci Goldtone Costume Lot Vintage Jewelry Lot Vintage Jewelry Lot
14K Y.G.Turkish Braided 14K Y.G. Amethyst Ring 14K Y.G. Cocktail Ring 14K Y.G. Amethyst w/Diamond Points 14K Y.G. Amethyst Ring
14K Amethyst Pendant Ruby Diamond Ring Ruby Diamond Ring 14K Waltham Wrist  Watch 14K Y.G. Inital Ring
14K Y.G. Men's Onyx Diamond Ring 10K Diamond Sapphire Ring
Indian  Sterling Silver Rings Sterling Silver Necklaces Sterling Silver Grouping Sterling Silver Opal Cuff
14K Y.G. Diamond Band Vintage Ladies Dress Clothing Child's "Rubber" Boots and Socks
Sterling Silver Ring Grouping 10K Y.G. Diamond Sapphire Ring Sterling Silver Ring Grouping
Vintage Haskell Style Amethyst 14K Y.G.Catholic Cross
14K Rope Chain Taxco Mexico Sterling Onyx
14K Herringbone Bracelet 14K Y.G. Italy Chain Vintage Suede
Estate Gold North Face
Sterling Silver with Marcasite Cat Pin Sterling Silver with Marcasite Earrings with Sterling Silver with Marcasite
14K Y.G. Diamond Engagement Wedding Bands Badgley Mischka Red Wrap Burberry Shirt Size Medium
Burberry Jacket Size Large
A/X Jacket with Baratelli
Guy Laroche Paris BCBG Maxazria Dresses
Sterling Silver Chains Free People Kate Spade NWT
Saga Mink
Carmen Marc Valvo Evening Dress Italy Suede and Leather Jacket
Vintage Fur Coats
Ladies Fur Coats Dooney and Bourke Dooney & Bourke City Bag Vera BradleyHandbags Frye Brown Boots
14K Y.G. Turtle Pin Sterling Silver Cat's Eye,Malachite Sterling Silver Ring Amber Glass Necklace w/Natural Amber 925 Gemstone Rings
Elephant Costume Pins S.S. Figural Pins Gucci Watch Peter Gabriel Swatch Watch Costume Jewelry Grouping
Elgin Pocketwatch, Goldfilled Jewelry Portrait with Costume Pin Grouping Vintage Men's Swim Trunks
Banana Republic Safari Hat Hermes Silk Scarf Emporio Armani Ladies Hat Silver Filligree Pin w/Green Stone
Burberry Men's Ties Antique Cameo Fillgree Parure Lapis,Onyx,Silver Bone Necklace
Mexican Taxco SIGI Choker Mexican Taxco SIGI Choker 14K Y.G. Rope Chain 14K Chinese Gemstone
14K Y.G. Braided Bracelet 14K Y.G. Noah Ark Bracelet 14K Y.G. Pearl Necklace Vintage Silver Vermeil Choker/Bracelet Indian Turquoise Earrings
18K Italy Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet S.S. Amber Jewelry Group 14K Y.G. Jade Bracelet
Gilbert Begay Indian Silver 14K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet J Crew Pony Hair Cuff
Suede Bracelets Turquoise Grouping
Cameo in Silver Cinnabar, Chinese, Cloisonne
Sterling Claddah
Coach Kate Spade Dana Buchman Dooney & Bourke
Vera Bradley Herbert Schier Suede Sz 6
Michael Kors Belt
Nouveau Lake Katrine Necklaces Malachite,Fresh Water Pearl w/Aztec Earrings


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26 Recreation Park Rd. Pine Bush, NY 12566

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